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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

One of the most important aspects of owning an automobile is to have a regular maintenance schedule. A vehicle that isn't well maintained will eventually begin having problems and then you'll be looking at high repair bills. We aren't car care professionals but we do know the importance of servicing a vehicle so we created this blog to inform others about car maintenance. In this blog, you'll learn about routine maintenance and how often you should inspect various components of your vehicle. Some of the articles on this site focus on brakes, tires, and batteries. You also learn about the fluid levels in your car and how often you should check them. We hope that by reading our blog you'll have the knowledge you need about car maintenance to avoid expensive car repairs.


The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist


Four Steps To Check And Maintain Your Tires

Properly maintaining your tires is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safe and efficient operation of your vehicles. Not only are poorly maintained tires dangerous, but they can also reduce your vehicle's performance and fuel economy. Replacing your tires as needed is a crucial part of vehicle ownership, but you shouldn't ignore your tires just because it isn't time to change them. There are several things you can do to ensure that your tires last for as long as possible while providing the grip that you need to stay safe on the road.

3 Signs You Should Use Ethanol-Free Gas In Your Car

If you are a car owner, you might be used to just pulling up to a gas pump at a local gas station and filling up when you need gas. If you buy gas without paying attention to such matters, there is a good chance that a lot of the gas that you purchase has ethanol in it. This might not seem like a big deal, and it's true that many car owners purchase gas with ethanol all the time without thinking much about it.

Getting The Auto Body Repair Service For Your Vehicle

A vehicle can go from glossy and beautiful to an eyesore in the blink of an eye. Once you have dealt with a collision, you will need to look in to auto body repair service that can help you straighten things out. Auto body repair service is part art and part science, because the professional will need to source parts and make important decisions while also piecing the parts together in a way that looks magnificent.

Three Reasons Why Your Windshield May Be Rattling When You Are Driving

If you are driving down the road and suddenly you hear something rattle, it is important to try to figure out where the rattling sound is coming from. If it seems to be coming from your windshield, you may wonder if your windshield can actually rattle and why it may make that sound. A windshield can rattle when there is a problem with your auto glass. Here are three reasons why your windshield may be rattling when you are driving.

Choosing The Right Brand For Your Used Rig

When buying a new semi, selecting a brand is usually a fairly straightforward process. Everyone has their particular preferences, and dealerships are happy to extol the virtues of their nameplate. For used trucks, however, the process can be more complicated. In addition to being limited to the options available on the lot, dealerships will not necessarily have any brand preference or reason to recommend one truck over another. This brand agnosticism leaves you with more freedom, but it also means that it's essential to do more research.

3 Great Tips To Utilize When Searching For An Auto Body Shop

There may come a point in time when your car suffers major body damage and help from an auto body shop is warranted. There are probably several of these shops in your area, but you can make an informed selection thanks to these tips.  Gather Several Repair Estimates You'll see quite a bit of variety in terms of how much each auto body shop charges for their repairs. Some may be more expensive than others depending on factors like experience and efficiency.

4 Tips When Junking Your Vehicle

If your car isn't one you can drive any longer, you may want to sell it to a junkyard. This will allow you to get something out of your vehicle and will remove it from your property. However, you'll want to be prepared for this time by knowing the right tips to put to work beforehand. 1. Remove your belongings Never get in too big of a hurry and leave your things inside of your car.