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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

3 Great Tips To Utilize When Searching For An Auto Body Shop

by Guy Mitchell

There may come a point in time when your car suffers major body damage and help from an auto body shop is warranted. There are probably several of these shops in your area, but you can make an informed selection thanks to these tips. 

Gather Several Repair Estimates

You'll see quite a bit of variety in terms of how much each auto body shop charges for their repairs. Some may be more expensive than others depending on factors like experience and efficiency. So that you don't get charged more than a fair amount for the necessary repairs, try getting estimates from different shops.

This might require each auto body shop to inspect your vehicle in person. Once they do and make all of the necessary assessments, they'll give you a pretty accurate rate. What you need to do is take these rates and see which repair shop works best for your car repair budget. 

Assess Reputation

Reputation is everything in the automotive industry, especially businesses that are involved in car repairs. Finding out whether or not an auto body shop is reputable will involve looking at client reviews online. 

You need to see what people in the past have experienced working with a particular auto body repair shop. Hopefully, they had a good experience in regards to the shop's honesty, quality of repairs, and efficiency. If they didn't and there were, in fact, a lot of red flags, it's probably better to continue searching for a better match. 

Examine Past Work

One of the best indicators of future success is past results. So with auto body shops, you'll want to see what repairs they have done in the past to determine what sort of repairs you'll receive and can look forward to.

A lot of auto body shops will have a portfolio of their past repairs online. If they don't, you may consider touring their facility in person. Either way, you need to see what the repair specialists are capable of at these shops — whether it's getting dents out or fixing fender damage. These assessments will give you an accurate idea of the shop's competency with various repairs. 

If your vehicle is extremely damaged on the exterior, you'll probably need assistance from an auto body repair shop like Select Collision Group. As long as you vet these shops properly, your selection should lead to quality repairs that end up holding up long-term.