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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

Three Reasons Why Your Windshield May Be Rattling When You Are Driving

by Guy Mitchell

If you are driving down the road and suddenly you hear something rattle, it is important to try to figure out where the rattling sound is coming from. If it seems to be coming from your windshield, you may wonder if your windshield can actually rattle and why it may make that sound. A windshield can rattle when there is a problem with your auto glass. Here are three reasons why your windshield may be rattling when you are driving. 

The Seal on Your Windshield May Be Worn or Broken

If you have an older car or have recently been in an accident, one of the reasons why you may hear a rattling sound when you are driving is because the seal that holds your windshield in place is worn or broken. The seal can break down due to sun and weather exposure, or can be damaged in an automobile accident. If the seal is broken, your windshield can shift, causing the rattling sound. You may also hear the sound of wind or swooshing as you drive coming through the broken seal on your windshield. 

Cracks May Extend Further Than You Can See

Another common reason why your windshield may be rattling when you are driving is because you have cracks that extend to the bottom of the windshield. Your frame and seal prevent you from seeing the entirety of your auto glass. if you have a chip or crack that looks like it extends through the seal, it may extend all the way to the base of the glass. You may have glass chips bouncing around in the framework, causing the rattling sound you hear. 

New Windshield Glass May Be the Wrong Size or Improperly Installed

The final reason why you may hear rattling coming from your windshield when you are driving is because the windshield may be the wrong size or improperly installed. If you have recently had your auto glass replaced, this is the likely culprit. If the glass was cut or shaved down too short, or the seal did not fully adhere or cure during the installation process, the auto glass may bounce around, causing the sound you hear. 

If your windshield is rattling, there is not a way to fix the problem. The only option available to you is to replace the auto glass. If you fail to do so, the strength of the windshield may be compromised, and its ability to support the weight of a car during a collision is thus compromised. Contact an auto glass replacement company today to schedule an appointment to have your windshield looked at and replaced, if needed.