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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

The Ins And Outs Of U-Bolts

by Guy Mitchell

Fasteners are critical in many industry applications. A wide range of fasteners exists in today's market, but the U-bolt is one of the most versatile. The more you know about U-bolts, the easier it is to find ways that you can implement these fasteners into your future projects.

The Purpose of a U-Bolt

U-bolts help fasten in a very unique way. Instead of securing two components together with a linear connection, a U-bolt relies on a clamping force to make a secure connection.

U-bolts are made from metal alloy rods that are bent into a U-shape. Each end of a U-bolt is threaded, which allows for an item to rest in the curved portion of the bolt. This design makes the U-bolt a valuable addition to any plumbing, construction, or automotive project.

U-Bolt Measurements

U-bolts come in a wide range of sizes and strengths. The way that U-bolts are measured can differ from other fasteners, so you must have a clear understanding of the measurement process if you want to source the right fastener for your project.

U-bolt measurements take into account the length of the threaded ends, the inside diameter of the curve, the thread size, and the height of each leg. Each of these measurements can be customized to create a U-bolt that meets your specific needs. 

U-Bolt Finishes

The U-bolts that you use for your project can feature a customized finish. This finish allows each U-bolt to stand up to the environmental factors that will affect its performance over time. U-bolts that will be used indoors can be constructed from stainless steel and polished for a smooth finish. U-bolts that will be included in outdoor projects should be finished with a galvanized steel dip that will allow them to resist corrosion when exposed to moisture.

The type of finish you select for your U-bolts can have a direct impact on their longevity and performance, so be sure that you invest in the proper finish.

Affordable Pricing

The simplicity of design that applies to U-bolts contributes to their affordability. U-bolts can easily be manufactured in a short period of time. If you need a customized U-bolt design for your project, pricing could depend on the quantity that you order.

The diameter of the rod used to create each U-bolt can also affect the price point.

When you take into account the versatility and durability of U-bolts, they are one of the most affordable fasteners available on today's market.

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