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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

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The Ultimate Car Maintenance Checklist

Does Your Vehicle Need A Front End Alignment?

by Guy Mitchell

You may not realize the amount of precision that goes into aligning the wheels of your vehicle. The wheels are not aligned perfectly straight but are angled in such a way to make the vehicle take on corners properly and to prevent vehicle wear and damage. Here are some ways to tell if your vehicle is in need of front end alignment.

Steering Wheel Position

The first thing to look at is the position of your steering wheel when driving down a straight road. If the wheels are in proper alignment, the steering wheel is going to be perfectly straight when the vehicle is going straight. If you notice that the wheel is slightly turned to one direction, it is likely due to the wheels being out of alignment.


Another test is to take your hands off the steering wheel when going down a straight road and take note of how the car is handling. Does that car drive to one side and cause you to make adjustments to the steering wheel? This is another sign of the wheels being out of alignment

Tire Wear

You'll want to take a close look at the front tires of the vehicle and check for any unusual wear. If the tires are worn down on the inside or outside of the tire, you will definitely need to have a wheel alignment. The tires are not resting on the ground as evenly as they could, and not getting a wheel alignment will cause the tires to need replacement prematurely. 


Do you notice that the steering wheel is shaking a bit when you are driving down the road, even if it is a smooth road? This is not normal, and it is a clear symptom that the car is in need of a front end alignment. However, extreme shaking could be a sign of a larger problem. 

Wheel Return

One symptom that is a bit harder to diagnose is known as the wheel return. When you turn around a corner, you may notice that your vehicle will naturally want to straighten out and have the wheel return to its neutral position. You are likely familiar with how your car already behaves when turning and may notice it being a bit sluggish over time with how fast it returns to the neutral position. The change may be subtle, but it is a definite indication that the front end if out of alignment. 

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